No, our products should not be frozen under any circumstance.

You can find our products at grocery stores around Atlantic Canada. Click here to see which retailers carry our products.

We currently do not have an online store. Please visit a grocer near you.

Our products are made in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Please visit individual product pages to view product allergens.

Please see expiration date on the product packaging.

We do not recommend eating our products after the date on the package. Some ingredients may hold a longer shelf life than others, but it is better to be safe. 

The product shelf life is indicated on each product. 


You can reheat our Homestyle BB Beans. 

Our packaging is not microwave or oven safe. Please reheat in a material safe for reheating. 


Our packaging is made of polypropylene which is a material that is recyclable (please refer to our municipal rule). Our packaging is not biodegradable.

The best before date is located on one end of the tub. 

There is no BPA or Bis Phenol A in our packaging. 


You can find information about jobs we have available here.

Johnston’s Homestyle Products is located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Johnston’s is a division of Freshstone Brands Inc who strategically has kitchens placed around Canada. Freshstone Brands Inc head office is located in Burlington, ON. You can find out more at

We currently do not have coupons available. Please check back. 

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